Restaurants in Istanbul

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With Europe on one side and Asia on the other, it’s no wonder the cuisine in Istanbul is an eclectic mix of flavours from both continents. Expats who relocate here will love this combination and the fusion food that has evolved from the city’s location.
The tourist area of Sultanahmet features the largest selection of restaurants while traditional Turkish fare, with flavours such as cinnamon and saffron, can be found in the restaurants around Edirnekapi and Ortakoy.

A tip of between 10 and 15 percent is customary in most restaurants, while some restaurants may include the service charge in the bill. Expats should make sure to check their bill thoroughly.

Popular restaurants in Istanbul

There is no shortage of restaurants and cafés in Istanbul, serving all types of food. Below are some of the most popular restaurants in Istanbul.

Address: Hayriye Cad, 12 Galatasaray, Beyoglu
Traditonal Turkish fare with an international influence served in a relaxed and colourful atmosphere.

360 Istanbul
Address: 163 Istiklal Street, Beyoglu
Situated on a rooftop terrace, this aptly named restaurant serves delicious fusion food with prevailing Turkish, Mediterranean and Oriental flavours.

Address: 6 Kariye Camii Sokak, Edirnekapi
Set in a 19th century mansion and serving mouth-watering authentic Ottoman cuisine, Asitane looks out over the Golden Horn.

The House Café (Ortakoy)
Address: 1 Salhane Sokak, Ortakoy
Trendy seaside eatery serving a delicious selection of café food.

Feriye Lokantasi
Address: 44 Yıldız Mah, Ortakoy
Multi-purpose restaurant serving seasonal cuisine which is great on summer evenings on the outdoor terrace.

Address: The Marmara Pera, 15 Mesrutiyet Caddesi, Beyoglu
Offering breath-taking views of the old town, Mikla serves gourmet Mediterranean cuisine from the top two floors of the Marmara Pera Hotel.

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