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Expats moving to Trinidad and Tobago will be living in a modern-day tropical paradise.Expats moving to Trinidad and Tobago will be treated to life in a modern-day Caribbean paradise. Trinidad and Tobago’s tropical climate, beautiful beaches, lush rainforests and vibrant coral reefs teamed with its modern amenities make this an inviting destination for expats.

Sizeable expat groups can be found in the cities of San Fernando, Scarborough and the capital, Port of Spain. Expats hail from a wide range of backgrounds and there are well-established African, Chinese, East Indian, Lebanese and Portuguese communities on the islands. With cosmopolitan cities and English as the official language, new arrivals will find it relatively easy to settle in. 

Despite a relaxed exterior, the Trinidadians and Tobagonians are extremely professional in the workplace. As in neighbouring Venezuela, the oil industry is the main driver of Trinidad and Tobago’s economy and many expats work in the country’s oil refineries. Large numbers of expats are also employed in the electronics and financial industries. 

Many expat investors have also seen the potential in Trinidad and Tobago, with its highly educated workforce and modern infrastructure, and move to the islands to set up their own businesses. 
There are a number of international schools to serve expat families living in Trinidad and Tobago but most are located in Port of Spain. The public healthcare system is adequate and emergency treatment is free to everyone, including expats. However, most still choose the private hospitals in Port of Spain, which makes it necessary for them to invest in health insurance before they arrive.

There are no major security concerns for expats moving to Trinidad and Tobago. Expats who take sensible precautions, such as keeping their valuables out of sight and being vigilant in crowded places, should not experience any difficulty.

Trinidad and Tobago offer expats a balanced lifestyle. With its great climate, beautiful landscapes and abundance of outdoor pursuits, as well as its well-developed infrastructure, expats living here really do get the best of both worlds. 

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