Frequently Asked Questions about Los Angeles

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Expats moving to Los Angeles will likely have many questions about living in this cosmopolitan city, like commutes or speaking Spanish. Read on for some frequently asked questions about living in Los Angeles.

Do I need a car in Los Angeles?

Yes, probably more than in any other US city. Having a car makes getting around in LA much easier. Distances between districts of the city are long and an underdeveloped public transport system can take hours for longer commutes. People in LA are infamous for driving even short distances. Public transport is not extensive in Los Angeles. A metro rail and subway are both in use but they don't go to all districts.

Do I need to know Spanish?

Hispanic and non-Hispanic populations are almost equally represented in LA's population. There are many neighbourhoods that are primarily Spanish speaking, but overall it is not necessary to speak Spanish. That said, it can still be a big help in forging connections and a good way for expats to meet new people.

How bad is the commute?

The length of one's commute really depends on the time of day and where one is going. Rush hour traffic can be absurd and it's a good idea to leave for work before 7am. Crossing the city can take well over an hour but the average commute time is more like half an hour each way.

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