Healthcare in Houston

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The system of healthcare in Houston is usually associated with the Texas Medical Center (TMC). This world-renowned facility is the largest of its kind, made up of dozens of institutions that include hospitals, medical schools, nursing colleges and research facilities.

Foreigners and citizens from across the USA travel to Houston to receive treatment, which in turn entices some of the foremost medical professionals in America.

Expats moving to Houston will have access to the TMC’s high-ranking medical services but they'll also have the benefit of living in a city where the standard of healthcare is high in general.

Urgent care centres, walk-in clinics, assisted living facilities for the elderly, comprehensive women's care hospitals, and even a healthcare programme that caters to homeless people are all part of Houston’s push to provide residents with the best healthcare possible.

Pharmacies in Houston

Pharmacies are widely available in Houston, and are usually found within drugstores. Many medicines can be obtained over the counter, but prescription medication can only be obtained with a physician's approval. Most pharmacies stay open late into the night.

Health insurance in Houston

Health insurance is a must-have in Houston. There is no universal coverage in America and, as a result, those without insurance who need treatment often have to pay exorbitant fees out of their own pockets. Furthermore, with no system of compulsory coverage, the onus falls on individuals to negotiate with their employers for health insurance or to organise it independently.

Most employers in Houston do provide healthcare in association with employment packages, and it's commonplace for dependants and spouses to be covered by these packages as well. But most employer-sponsored coverage is limited to a certain type of plan, so expats with complicated medical issues may still need to organise health insurance independently.

Plans through independent carriers tend to be more expensive, but they also allow freedom to shop around for the specific type of coverage that's needed. Expats purchasing health insurance through one of these private carriers should ensure they hold a valid Texas insurance licence before signing up.

Hospitals in Houston

Clear Lake Regional Medical Center

500 W. Medical Center Boulevard


Houston Methodist Willowbrook Hospital

18220 State Hwy. 249 


Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital

6700 Beechnut Street


St Joseph Medical Center

1401 St Joseph Parkway


The Woman's Hospital of Texas

7600 Fannin Street


West Houston Medical Center

Address: 12141 Richmond Avenue

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