Healthcare in Dallas

The standard of healthcare in Dallas is goodExpats living in the city will have a number of hospitals to choose from. The standard of healthcare in Dallas is good and expats with children will be happy to learn that there are a number of special children’s hospitals in the area. Hospitals in Dallas are overseen by the Dallas County Health and Human Services Department.

Access to the better quality medical care in Dallas is directly related to having a comprehensive health insurance policy. Without this or unlimited funds, residents of Dallas have very little choice in healthcare providers. 

It is very important that expats moving to Texas invest in health insurance or have a policy provided as part of their employment package.

Pharmacies can easily be found in Dallas, with many operating 24/7.
The main hospitals in Dallas include:

Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas
Address: 3500 Gaston Avenue

Methodist Dallas Medical Center
Address: 1441 N Beckley Avenue

Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas
Address: 8200 Walnut Hill Lane

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