Getting Around in Dallas

Dallas has an extensive transport systemExpats moving to Dallas will find the city has an extensive but under-utilised public transport network. Despite the bus and rail services available to the city’s population, most Dallas residents prefer to get around using a car.

Even expats who use public transport to commute to work during the week are likely to invest in their own car, as it comes in handy for exploring the surrounding areas at weekends or travelling during vacations.

Public transport in Dallas

The Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) is the name given to the city’s public transport network. This extensive system is made up of buses and a large light rail network.

Expats should use the trip planner tool on the DART website to find the best route to their destination. The website contains regular updates on route changes and public transport delays in Dallas.


The bus network in Dallas is extensive and one can get almost anywhere using the city’s buses. However, most bus journeys will require multiple transfers that lengthen travelling times. Therefore, if there is the option to travel using the light rail network, this will usually save a considerable amount of time.

Because of the nature of bus travel in Dallas and the need to make multiple transfers to get to a destination, it usually makes sense to purchase a daily, weekly, monthly or annual pass.  

Light rail 

Dallas’ light rail network serve most of the city’s suburbs. Trains operate every 10 minutes during rush hours, but at off-peak times there may be as few as two trains an hour, depending on the route.

It is possible to buy single tickets at any DART station. However, for those who travel regularly, it is best to purchase a monthly or annual pass to save money. 

Taxis in Dallas

While taxis are readily available in downtown Dallas, locals rarely use them on a regular basis. Various taxi firms operate in the city and they usually charge a base fare plus an additional rate for every kilometre travelled.

While it is possible to hail a taxi from the side of the road in the downtown area of Dallas, it is best to pre-book a vehicle if travelling from the suburbs.

Cycling in Dallas

Dallas is not known for being a particularly cyclist-friendly city. However, as the population becomes increasingly health-conscious there have been demands for improved cycling infrastructure. 

All DART buses have been equipped with bike racks that allow commuters to carry their bikes at no extra cost. Furthermore, DART has installed bike racks for short-term parking at most rail stations and transit centres.

Driving in Dallas

Expats living in Dallas will find that the easiest way to get around Dallas is by car. The road networks in Dallas are sophisticated, making it possible to get across town relatively quickly. 

Petrol is relatively cheap in Dallas and gas stations are plentiful, making life convenient for drivers. Road conditions in Dallas are excellent and signage is clear.

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