Areas and suburbs in Dallas

Deciding which area or suburb of Dallas to live in is a big decision for most expats. Choosing the right neighbourhood to match one's priorities will have a significant impact on the experience they will have of living in the city.
Areas and suburbs in Dallas

Property is big business in Dallas and expats will benefit from the advice of a real estate agent. These professionals have an in-depth knowledge on the city's property market and have access to a larger pool of potential properties to suit the different requirements of each person. 

Family-friendly neighbourhoods in Dallas

Dallas is a great city for expats moving to the USA with children. To a large extent, schooling choices will ultimately determine where families live. However, there are plenty of safe, family-friendly communities to choose from.


Parker is popular among families because of the excellent quality of life. Most of the accommodation in Parker comes in the form of independent family homes, with spacious gardens and swimming pools. There are lots of large ranch estates in this area. The property prices in Parker are some of the highest in Dallas. 
The area is some distance from the city centre, but Parker has good road links that allow easy access for those commuting to work. There are lots of modern malls nearby, the most popular of which is the Colin Creek Mall. In addition to the green open spaces and fresh country air in Parker, expats will find that the schools are excellent and the crime rate is very low, making it a great place to raise children. 


Southlake is another popular choice for families with children and pets. The schools are really what draw people to the area and there are lots of great options. However, competition for places at some Southlake schools is fierce. Expats with children should make provisions to apply for school places well ahead of time. 
Accommodation in Southlake mainly consists of large family homes. It is popular and housing is in short supply. The area has plenty of shopping and dining options, most of which are located at Southlake Town Square. It is also very safe and known for having a strong sense of community.

City living in Dallas

Living in downtown Dallas is great for those who want easy access to the newest restaurants, clubs, bars and shopping experiences. While city living options tend to be a little less spacious and more expensive than those in the suburbs, it is very convenient for expats who want to live close to their place of work. 

Bryan Place

Bryan Place is an east Dallas neighbourhood near the Arts District in the city centre. Being so close to the commercial centre of Dallas, it is popular among young professionals and executives who want to be close to work.
There is a mix of commercial and residential buildings in Bryan Place. Accommodation is varied and, although there are some older stand-alone homes available, most of the housing consists of multi-family townhouses, low-rise condos and modern apartment complexes. Expats living in Bryan Place have greater access to new restaurants, shopping facilities and the best of Dallas nightlife. For those who enjoy the outdoors, Exall Park is close by and the area has a lovely outdoor swimming pool.  
Public transport connections are excellent with two DART stations in walking distance. It is close to the US-75 North Central Expressway, which is helpful for those driving further afield.

Highland Park

Highland Park provides all the best elements of city living. Located just 10 minutes from the city centre, it is within easy reach of all major facilities. Expats living in this neighbourhood will have access to some of the city’s best shopping and entertainment facilities. 
From single professionals to young families, the demographic profile of Highland Park residents is varied. There are a number of good schools in the area which accounts for its growing popularity among families. There are many local parks in the area, which provide open spaces for recreational activities. 

Budget living in Dallas

Accommodation in Dallas is generally on expensive. Because of a housing shortage, most new builds are at the luxury end of the spectrum. There are just a few options for those looking to save money while living in Dallas.

Glenn Heights

Just a short distance from downtown Dallas, this is a pleasant residential community with a low cost of living. It is more cosmopolitan and diverse than some of the more expensive parts of the city. Glenn Heights is ideal for those who don’t want the hectic pace of city living but do want easy access to the amenities of the metropolitan area. 
Despite the lower rental prices in Glenn Heights, the quality of life here is still good. For expats who enjoy outdoor activities, Glenn Heights is located close to Lake Joe Pool and Lake Waxahacie, and lots of great camping spots are just a short drive away. The area has good public transport links, so it is a good option for those that don't have a car. 

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