Utilities (gas, water, electricity, refuse) in Chicago

The most important point for expats renting accommodation in Chicago to remember is that the payment for utilities such as heat, gas, electricity, running water, hot water and plumbing depends upon the terms of the lease agreement.

electicity meters in a row
Read your lease agreement carefully before signing it!  For instance, it is very rare to pay for water in the Chicago area. Nevertheless, it may happen. In this case, make sure to know what the average monthly cost is before signing the lease.

Source: the Metropolitan Tenants organisation

1. Getting connected with gas

  • The main company delivering gas in Chicago is People Gas
  • You can open an account online. You will need documents such as a Social Security Number, a driver license, or any other form of photo ID.
  • A security deposit will be needed to secure the opening of your gas contract. You might need to go to a Exchange Currency Store to do so. Exchange currency stores are scattered all around the city. 

2. Getting connected with electricity

  • The main company delivering electricity in Chicago is ComEd
  • You can open an account online.

3. Postal services

  • The United States Postal Service (USPS) is the main postal service provider.
  • Small post offices are sometimes located inside supermarkets, which can make life easier. But in this case, they do not offer the same services as in a regular US post office. 

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