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Moving to Reading - Reading - moving toExpats moving to Reading, a town in the South East of England, will find a place that is home to a diverse, well-educated and creative population. It’s a city with a rich history as an influential centre in the medieval period, a place that was seriously affected by the English Civil War and played a pivotal role in the 1688 Revolution. 
Today Reading is a thriving commercial hub with a strong involvement in Britain’s information technology and insurance sectors. Despite its close proximity to London, Reading actually has an inward commuter flow, and due to its rapid rate of growth it has a rather buoyant housing market with new developments constantly being built. Entrepreneurs are also starting to see value in the city and choosing it as a good alternative business location to the over-saturated London market.
Reading has a lively music and arts scene and plays host to the famous Reading Festival each summer. There’s also a small range of museums and arts galleries to keep residents busy and those that enjoy sport will find that there are plenty of ways to keep fit. 
Those moving to Reading with children will be pleased to know that it’s home to some of the UK’s best performing schools. While there are no international schools in the town itself, there are many in nearby London that offer boarding option. The town is also home to the University of Reading, a redbrick institution that’s especially good for students interested in studying climate change.
Like the rest of the UK, Reading has a maritime climate, with limited seasonal temperature ranges of between  2°C ( 36°F) and 8°C ( 46°F) during the winter months from November to February and 10°C ( 51°F) to 22°C ( 72°F) in the summer from July to September, and moderate rainfall throughout the year.  

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