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Having experienced considerable economic growth in recent decades, expats moving to Aberdeen will find an city that proudly maintains its heritage while displaying ambitious aspirations for the future.

Often is often refered to as the Granite City, Aberdeen is the hub of the North Sea oil and gas industry, and has a reputation for its expertise in energy technology. As an economic driver for Scotland and the UK, Aberdeen attracts large amounts of capital investment and in spite of the recent drop in the price of oil, the city’s demand for skilled workers remains a draw for expats.

After work hours, expats will find plenty to keep them occupied. Despite being a fairly small city, there is a vibrant range of artistic and cultural attractions in Aberdeen, which are spread across galleries, museums, and performance venues.

Aberdeen has a great nightlife scene with a cosmopolitan mix of bars and nightclubs as well as a good offering in terms of live music and theatre events. Expats who enjoy an active lifestyle can get involved in a number of sporting activities from swimming at the city’s famous aquatics centre to hiking the trails of the Caingorms National Park.

Despite its position on the east coast of Scotland, the city is relatively well-connected to the rest of the UK and Europe, with good air, road and rail networks, so expats will have ample opportunity to travel. Buses are the main mode of transport in Aberdeen and most of its residents use the network to commute on a daily basis. While it is not essential to own a car in Aberdeen, it can be useful for exploring the country.

Those moving to Aberdeen with children will be pleased to know that a range of schooling options are available. Anyone legally living in Aberdeen can send their children to government-funded schools at no cost. Aberdeen is also home to two of the most prominent universities in the UK, namely the University of Aberdeen and Robert Gordon University.

Most expats living in Aberdeen have access to the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS). While the standard of hospitals and medical staff in Aberdeen’s hospitals are well-trained and knowledgeable, expats should be aware that waiting times are often long.

Despite the bad weather the city is famous for, those moving to Aberdeen are sure to have a memorable expat experience thanks to the Scottish hospitality, wealth of career opportunities and excellent lifestyle options. 

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