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Moving to the HagueThe Hague (Den Haag) is the seat of government in the Netherlands, and one of the most popular destinations for foreign nationals, apart from Amsterdam. Expats moving to The Hague will join a healthy international community. Currently, more than 50% of The Hague's population is made up of immigrants. Although the city may not have the edge and notoriety of Amsterdam, it offers residents a quieter, thoughtful take on sophisticated Dutch living.

In The Hague, expats can breathe deeply while absorbing the beauty of their surrounds: hundreds of picturesque buildings constructed during the medieval, renaissance and baroque periods; a great expanse of green spaces; beautiful beaches; and wider, open spaces. Not to mention, entertainment opportunities abound in the form of museums, shopping streets, restaurants, and theatres.

Expats moving to The Hague will find plenty of job opportunities owing to a number of international companies and organisations located within the city. The Hague has established itself as a place where some of the world's leading minds often congregate at places like the International Criminal Court and the United Nations Court of Justice. Moreover, the government has also established The Hague International Centre, a local program designed to benefit all expats living and working in the area. This serves as a fantastic starting point for many to create a network of contacts and to meet others within the community.

Expats with children need not worry about quality education, as The Hague has several excellent international schools and universities, such as the American School in The Hague, The International School of The Hague, The British School, and The Hague University.

The city is fairly compact, making it pedestrian-friendly. This will prove useful in case the efficient public transport system isn't your cup of tea. Furthermore, local and international destinations such as Cologne, Berlin, Frankfurt, Prague, Moscow, Basel and Copenhagen are within easy reach by train. Trams, buses and taxis are also available throughout the city.

The locals of The Hague are warm and amiable people that enjoy the city’s many attractions and beautiful architecture. Unlike in Amsterdam, the more conservative residents of The Hague frown upon any displays of garish behaviour. Yet the diversity of the expat community is very much respected and accepted.

On the downside, as The Hague is a premiere destination for both locals and expats, space is very limited, and the cost of housing is high. However, compared to other cities in Europe, such as London, the cost of living in The Hague is still reasonable.

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