Frequently Asked Questions about Johannesburg

Frequently asked questions about Johannesburg
Moving somewhere new can be somewhat daunting, and Johannesburg is no exception. To help put expats' minds at rest, here are our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Johannesburg.

How safe is Johannesburg?

The crime rate is high but decreasing and expat residents can maximise their safety by taking basic precautions. This includes simple actions such as contracting home security, not travelling in strange areas at night, and keeping the windows up and the doors locked when driving.

What is the cost of living in Johannesburg?

Expats often find Johannesburg to be very good value for money. Accommodation is still relatively cheap despite a property boom in recent years. Dining out, entertainment, groceries and clothing also provide good value for money. Staff and childminders can also be hired at a low price.

Do I need to learn a language before moving to Johannesburg?

No, almost everyone speaks English which is used as the common language of business and government.

Are the locals friendly to expats?

Yes, South Africans are renowned for being hospitable and it won't be long before a new arrival gets invited over for a beer and a braai.

Are weekend getaways from Johannesburg possible?

Yes. The tranquil Magaliesburg is about an hour away, trout fishing centre Dullstroom is three hours away, the Kruger National Park is five hours from the city, the Drakensberg Mountains are also a few hours away and even the seaside resorts of Durban are less than a seven-hour drive.

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