International Schools in Cape Town

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Download the free Expat Arrivals Cape Town Schools Guide for an overview of what expat parents can expect from the school system in Cape Town. Read about a typical school day, the difference between public and private schools, and everything you need to know about the admissions process.


International schools in Cape Town are a popular choice for expat parents looking to ensure continuity in their children’s education. Standards are generally high with teaching staff often including expats experienced in delivering the core curriculum of their home system.

A further advantage is the opportunity for expat children to form connections with children from diverse countries and backgrounds who nevertheless share the complex experience of being an expat child. Fees vary but are generally comparable to domestic private schools in Cape Town.


American International School of Cape Town

Gender: Co-educational

Curriculum: International

Ages: 2 to 18


Reddam House Durbanville (formerly Chester House)

Gender: Co-educational

Curriculum: IGCSE

Ages: 1 to 18


Deutsche Schule Kapstadt

Gender: Co-educational

Curriculum: German

Ages: 5 to 18


L'école Française du Cap

Gender: Co-educational

Curriculum: French

Ages: 2 to 18


International School of Cape Town

Gender: Co-educational

Curriculum: British

Ages: 4 to 19


Hout Bay International School

Gender: Co-educational

Curriculum: IGCSE and IB

Ages: 3.5 to 18

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