Integrated International School (IIS)

By adminexpat - Posted on 12 July 2012

Integrated International School SingaporeAddress: 41 Sunset Way, #01-01 Clementi Arcade, Singapore 597071
Telephone: +(65) 6466 4475
Gender: Co-educational
Curriculum: Australian


The first boutique International School in Singapore to offer a Mainstream and Support approach for children aged 4 to 16 years old in an inclusive setting. IIS prides itself on inclusivity and acknowledges that the “one size fits all approach” to learning and teaching is extinct. Students at IIS are integrated in one international community, supporting and enhancing individual talents while fostering socially conscientious and tolerant human beings.


What the school says

"Amongst the jungle of International Schools in Singapore, class sizes rarely fall below 18. IIS provides an environment where small class sizes (approximately 10 students per class) and an enviable teacher to student ratio are tantamount to the success of the students. Encouraging students to ‘think outside of the box’, believe in themselves, take risks and enjoy every small success they are a part of is as important as academic success at IIS." 


The school adopts two approaches: a Mainstream and a Support approach for those with learning differences or unique needs. Both are based on the foundations of the New South Wales curriculum with students sitting the NAPLAN assessments in the relevant year groups as advised by the NSWBOSTES (New South Wales Board of Studies, Teaching & Educational Standards). 


Fees for the 2017 academic year are 28,000 SGD for Mainstream and 34,000 SGD a year for Support. The fees are payable in two instalments, and there's a 2,600 SGD application fee.


The school is located on Sunset Way, in Clementi Arcade.

From the Principal

“In Singapore, academic excellence is part of everyday culture and heavily emphasised in school systems. Not every student fits the 'cookie-cutter' definition of academic excellence and therefore may miss out on a variety of opportunities because their mind learns and processes information differently. Education can no longer take a 'one size fits all' approach, which is why we offer our students differentiated learning. In addition, and equally important to our academic standards are our students’ well-being, which is achieved by adopting a collaborative teaching approach and scaffolding lessons according to each individual child’s learning style. Our students’ feelings matter and are at the heart of our programme” – Dr Vanessa von Auer, Founder/Principal

What the students say

"I love IIS because all of the teachers are very kind, helpful and they care about their students. The school is not so big which makes it feel like everyone is part of a family. The teachers actually have time to spend with us and will explain topics we don't understand until we are confident that we do understand them.

The students here are also very friendly and you feel very comfortable around them so you can be yourself, and there is no need to pretend to be someone or something you are not.

I like spending time with my friends at recess and lunch times. My favourite core subject is Math, my second favourite is Art and my favourite after-school activity was Zumba because it was so much fun and the music was fabulous. To describe IIS in one word I can simply say FUN!"
–Monishka (Grade 6)

"I love IIS because my teachers are really nice. They help me with my work and they keep me calm when I get over excited.

I like playing with my friends, we like the same stuff and we get to play together during break times and before school.

My favourite subject is Math because I like multiplication and addition.

Excursions at IIS are pretty fun. My favourite excursion so far was to a fish farm. We saw all different types of fish. The best part was I got to adopt some fish and they now have a home in my living room.

I think IIS is the coolest school I have ever gone to."
Thomas (Grade 2)
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For secondary Schools that follow the Australian curriculum, my understanding is there are 3
1.Australian International School
2.Integrated International School
3. Avondale Grammar

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Hi - are there any other Australian schools in Singapore or is the IIS the only one? Where to most Australians send their children?
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