What's On in Jeddah

Red and orange fireworsMany of the events in Jeddah are influenced by Islam. Most notable are the celebrations at the start and end of Ramadan, and the period when the city is filled with pilgrims from around the world in anticipation of the Hajj.

The few social festivals Jeddah does have are designed to attract tourists and investment. Here is a list of the main annual events in Jeddah:

Ascension of the King (June)

This public holiday celebrates the King of Saudi Arabia's ascension to the throne. In Jeddah there are a series of army parades, military events and special concerts held to celebrate this popular event.

Jeddah Summer Festival (June and July)

Known locally as Jeddah Ghair, the city’s summer festival attracts millions of visitors every year. Numerous events and activities take place over several weeks, including art exhibitions, sports, food and craft markets, children’s entertainment and spectacular fireworks displays.

Saudi National Day (September)

This public holiday held on 23 September marks the unification of the Kingdom by King Abdul in 1923. The festivities features a 60km-long car rally from King Abdullah Park to Al-Khobar Corniche. Locals and expats alike join in the celebrations. It's traditional to wear green clothing and accessories, which represents the traditional colour of Islam.

Eid Al-Fitr Festival (ninth month of the lunar calendar)

Eid Al-Fitr marks the end of Ramadan and is by far one of the most popular festivals in Jeddah. People come from far and wide for this week-long celebration, decorate their houses and prepare sumptuous meals for family and friends to break the previous month’s fast.

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