Shipping and Removals in Russia

Shipping to Russia can hold many challenges. Unless expats are fluent in Russian and well-versed in custom clearance procedures, it is highly recommended that they seek the assistance of an international shipping and removals company that can grant them door-to-door service. Procedures are known to change frequently and without notice.

It’s important expats think carefully about what they want to bring with them, and what they can afford to leave behind. Shipping to Russia can quickly become expensive. Keep in mind that accommodation often comes furnished in Russia, and plenty of large home decor and household furnishing stores can be found in most of the major cities. 

Shipping household goods to Russia

Whether choosing air shipping or surface shipping, expats will need to make a comprehensive packing inventory of all shipped items, taking care to note and include photos of any items of value. Record the serial number, brand and model number of any electronics in this inventory.

Expats will need to supply their international moving company with the appropriate documents to allow them to assume customs clearance on their behalf. 

Shipping pets to Russia

Expats interested in shipping their pets to Russia are often discouraged from doing so. Most Russian living is done in small apartments rather than houses with outdoor space, so it’s important expats evaluate whether their accommodation is indeed pet-friendly.

If importing a dog or cat to Russia, expats will need to make sure they have the proper documentation at the time of shipment.

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