Weather in Portugal

Expats living in Portugal will find that, generally speaking, it's neither too hot nor too cold; most of the time, it's just right. Portugal experiences warm summers and mild winters

Weather in Portugal is the product of a Mediterranean climate tempered by Atlantic Ocean influences. Winters are mild, and summer sunshine is plentiful.

Expats in the central parts of the mainland may experience slightly cooler temperatures due to the presence of minor mountains and plateaux, but otherwise, the mercury sits at around 25°C (78°F) in summer, and 16°C (61°F) in winter.

Rainfall in Portugal is mostly present during winter, but heavy periods of precipitation can occur in autumn.

Weather in Portugal's Algarve region, a favourite expat destination, is by far the best in the country. This pensioner's playground is the sunniest, driest and warmest part of the nation, yet temperatures are never uncomfortably hot.

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