Shipping and Removals in Portugal

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shipping and removals in PortugalShipping and removals to Portugal from other European countries will be relatively easy and cheap, with multiple over-land carriers available. From overseas, there are a number of shipping companies that can give reliable delivery of household goods. The cheapest delivery point is Portugal's main seaport in Lisbon.

Other coastal destinations may require multiple ships, and inland destinations require additional transportation. Each time cargo is unloaded and loaded the shipping becomes more expensive. Air transport is available, but is more expensive than land or sea shipping.  
Moving pets to Portugal will require either an EU pet passport from residents of the EU, or a Certificate of Health from overseas countries. Non-EU countries must also provide proof of a rabies vaccine and micro-chip details. Portugal also requires an unusual amount of red tape to clear animals through customs. 

*Due to the fact that shipping regulations change regularly, expats transporting items to Portugal are advised to contact a reputable shipping company to find out the latest information.

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