Expat Experiences in Portugal

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When considering a move to a new city, there is nothing more useful than hearing real life stories from other expats who have lived there. Please contact us if you live or have lived in Portugal and would like to share your experience.

In the first month of 2016 Helena Radeson Silverup and her husband left Sweden’s icy shores with their four year old daughter in tow. They headed headed straight for sunshine and easy living and found themselves in Cascais, Portugal. Read more about her expat life in Portugal. Helena Radeson Silverup
Sarah Hendrickx is a British expat living in the Algarve with her partner, Keith. She is a freelance writer and author of six books, who sought out a quiet life in the rural hills of Portugal, where she can cycle in the sun and eat breakfast outdoors in January. Read more about her expat life in Portugal.
Julie Fox is a British expat living in Portugal. Having previously lived in Tanzania and Venezuela, Julie is now settled in a tiny village in central Portugal, close to the city of Coimbra, where she works part-time as an English teacher. She also works as a freelance writer and enjoys sharing her expat experiences in Portugal on her blog. Read more about her expat life in Portugal.

After a period of exploration in Europe and Northern Africa, British expat Derek Harper resettled in Central Portugal with his partner. Though he still gets sentimental about curry and country pubs, he loves his life abroad and has even created online guides for expats moving and living in Portugal. Read more about Derek's expat experience in Portugal.

Wendy, a British expat living in Portugal, was heavy with the hardship of life in the UK. Rather than continue on weighed down and wary of what was to come, she moved with her husband and her two boys to Central Portugal. Since, she's become her own boss and is enjoying life on the idyllic Iberian Peninsula. Read more about her expat experience in Portugal.

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