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Renowned for its strong cricket team and contentious relationship with neighbouring India, Pakistan is a historically rich country that has showed considerable economic progress since its independence. Officially known as the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Pakistan translates to “The Land of the Pure”, and is the sixth most populous country in the world. 

The country consists of an assortment of cultures and traditions, introduced through the numerous kingdoms, empires and dynasties that have ruled Pakistan throughout its history. Pakistan is unique among Muslim countries, as it holds the honour of being the only country created in the name of Islam.  

Pakistan’s transport infrastructure is significantly better than nearby India and Bangladesh. However, its train and aviation infrastructure still lack considerably. The public transport system is accessible, albeit to the bigger cities, therefore many people use cars to get around.

Pakistan is one of the largest producers of natural commodities, and its economy is semi-industrialised. Due to the political instability and other hindering factors the country has faced, the economy is still developing. Exporting forms a major part of the economy, and there are opportunities for expats in manufacturing, tourism and finance.

Expats will be pleased to know that the cost of living in Pakistan is relatively low. Unfortunately, this is often matched by significantly lower salaries. Accommodation is likely to be the biggest monthly expense, but even very affordable accommodation is available if expats know where to look. 

Public schooling is free and compulsory for all children. Despite this, the country battles with widespread illiteracy and gender disparity. While the standard of public education is often lacking, there are numerous international schools located in the capital, Islamabad, and other main cities for expats with children. Pakistan has both public and private healthcare facilities, but the standard of public healthcare varies, and most expats opt for private care.

The country faces a number of challenges including overpopulation, poverty, political instability, corruption and illiteracy. The government has implemented numerous plans to combat the issues. The country has seen a decline in its poverty rate and an increase in tourism, as more and more people see the potential the historically diverse country has to offer. 

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