Healthcare in Mozambique

Mozambique is a severely underdeveloped country. The country battles with high levels of poverty, which affects the spread of diseases.

There are a number of pharmacies around the country, especially in the capital, Maputo. 

Public healthcare in Mozambique

Expats moving to Mozambique will find that there is no healthcare system in place for residents. Instead, those in need of serious medical care usually travel to South Africa, as Mozambique is without the adequate resources. 

Private healthcare in Mozambique

Maputo is home to the Mozambique Private Hospital. The hospital opened in 2012 and is the first of its kind. 

Health hazards in Mozambique

Malaria is endemic throughout Mozambique. Expats should be vigilant about taking the necessary precautions, and consult a doctor in order to avoid the disease. 

Expats should not drink tap water and should rather choose bottled water and avoid swimming in open water. 

Expats should also be aware that the prevalence of HIV/AIDS has notably increased over the last couple of years in Mozambique. 

Emergency services in Mozambique

  • Police: 119

  • Medical: 117

  • Fire: 198

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