Shipping and Removals in Kenya

shipping to KenyaShipping to Kenya by plane or by boat can be a long and expensive process. Expats must decide whether they’d like to ship their household items to Kenya and what form this shipment should take.

It may be cheaper and more efficient to check smaller items as excess luggage. Prices differ from airline to airline, but baggage isn't subject to taxes.

In most cases, airline shipping is sent to Nairobi's Jomo Kenyatta International Airport freight department, and boat shipping arrives at Mombasa Port Customs. Either way, expats will need to consider travel times and the cost of transporting their shipment from its arrival point to their accommodation.

Customs and import duties in Kenya

All items imported into Kenya, whether by airline freight or shipping, must be cleared through customs on arrival and the appropriate import taxes must be paid. Household goods and personal effects are duty-free for new expats if they've been owned for at least a year before being imported.

Shipping and duty costs sometimes make it cheaper to buy certain items after arriving in Kenya. Most furniture, household goods and electronics are inexpensive and readily available.

Shipping pets to Kenya

Kenya does not quarantine dogs and cats moving with their owners. Expats who want to relocate to Kenya with their pets will need an import permit from the national Ministry of Agriculture. Pet owners will also have to supply up-to-date vaccination records and pets must be microchipped. Pets must also have the relevant pet passport and be accompanied by a health certificate from an authorised vet. For more details, expats are advised to contact a company that specialises in pet relocations.

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