Frequently Asked Questions about Kenya

Do I need a car in Kenya? Frequently asked questions about expat life in Kenya

Expats definitely need a car as public transport in Kenya is limited and sometimes unsafe. It's advisable to invest in a reliable vehicle as a broken-down car can present its own safety problems. An alternative is to hire a vehicle from a rental agency. 

Is there Internet in Kenya?

Yes, Kenya has reliable Internet, much to the relief of expats. There are many competing Internet providers in Kenya and access shouldn't be a problem in the major cities, although speeds are generally slower than Europe. That may change as broadband connections become much more common, with quite impressive download speeds available.

Is my house going to be safe?

In terms of accommodation in Kenya, many expats live in gated communities and compounds. These are usually safe and often have dedicated security guards. It is much more likely that expats will be robbed in their car.

What is healthcare like in Kenya?

The standard of healthcare in Kenya is varied. Expats may want to steer clear of public hospitals as the equipment and resources are of a far lower standard than its private counterpart. More complicated procedures may see expats travelling south to South Africa, a country that possess far more advanced facilities.

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