Frequently Asked Questions about Italy

What is the incidence of crime in Italy?

Thanks to mafia-themed masterpieces like "The Godfather", there is a misconception that Italy has a high crime rate, but most crime in Italy is confined to bag-snatching and pickpocketing. Although organised crime in Italy is a reality, it's unlikely to affect day-to-day life in any way.

What is the population mix of Italy?

Ethnic Italians constitute 95 percent of the population, and the largest ethnic minority is Romanian. Over the past few years, statistics have shown increasing waves of immigration from the EU countries of Eastern Europe and illegal immigrants from southeastern Europe and North Africa. The population density of Italy ranks among the highest in Europe.

How is the economy of Italy performing?

Italy’s economic growth in the past 15 years has been the slowest in the European Union. However, despite slow growth, the economy itself is the seventh largest in the world. Italy is a member of the G8 group of industrialised nations and the economy is reliant on importing raw materials for industry.

What type of government does Italy have?

Italy is a parliamentary democracy with a history of coalition governments. Its major political parties include People of Freedom, Democratic Party, Northern League, Italy of Values, Union of Christian and Centre Democrats, and the Communist Refoundation Party.

What is the climate like?

Italy’s climate varies from one region to another, with Mediterranean conditions experienced on the coast and continental weather and temperatures in the interior. The higher elevations of the Alps and Appenines encounter particularly frigid conditions. Rainfall occurs mainly during the autumn and winter seasons, with the wettest parts in the north of the country. Temperatures tend to fluctuate year-round between 11°C and 30°C (51°F to 86°F). The hottest month is July and the coldest is January, when the average daily minimum and maximum can range from 4°C to 6°C (39°F to 42°F).

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