Expat Blogs in Italy

Few resources can build a better picture of life in Italy than the expat blogs maintained by already established foreigners. Whether these writers are recounting great challenges, relaying roll-on-the-floor funny encounters, delivering crucial advice and important tips or reaching out to those around them, their insight affords others a unique and personal glimpse into their new community.

Best Expat Blogs in Italy

A Flamingo in Italy

Alison is a freelance writer from America who moved with her Italian boyfriend to the Netherlands for eight years before now settling in his hometown of Bologna. A Flamingo in Italy is her chance to share her passion for art, architecture, history, food, and photography, along with her attempts to speak something that isn't a mishmash of English, Dutch, and Italian.

Nationality: American

Welcome to Sulmona

For expats living in Abruzzo, there is no better resource than this blog, which provides information about what to get up to in the area. The blog is run by Katy and Susanna, two expats residing in Sulmona. 

Nationality: British/Italian

Ciao Mr

Pete Coles is a Brit living in Italy. His blog is a lighthearted account of expat life in Milan and travelling around Italy.

Nationality: British

Italy Translated

Diana Skok Corridori is an American expat from Texas living in northern Italy with her Roman husband and two children. Her blog focuses on life in Italy, travel and food and wine. 

Nationality: American

Maremma Tuscany

Elisa is an Australian journalist who came to Tuscany for a year, and fell in love. Not one to keep paradisical holiday destinations to herself, this is her travel blog about the infinitely beautiful Tuscan Maremma.

Nationality: Australian
Maremma Tuscany - An Italy expat blog

This Italian Life

A great blog by a young American woman who moved to Italy for love and is now married to her Italian stallion. She writes about cooking, learning Italian, reading, observing business, socializing and Italian weddings, amongst other things, and enjoys comparing and contrasting Italy and America.

Nationality: American
This Italian Life - An American expat blog in Italy

Questa Dolce Vita

Jasmine is a freelance writer, foodie and fashionista from Canada living "the sweet life" in Bergamo, Italy. Her fun and clolourful blog highlights her delectable Italian experiences.

Nationality: Canadian 

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