Weather in Ireland


Expats living in Ireland will fast learn that Irish Mist is more than just a whiskey – it's a permanent state of being. Rain is the primary building block of weather in Ireland and it can come as a thunderstorm, a soft shower, or commonly as a fine mist. Although the constant moisture in the air can be bothersome, Ireland's lush, green landscapes are one definite benefit of the copious rainfall.

Temperatures on the small island remain quite moderate and extremes are a rarity thanks to the mediating effect of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf Stream. Summer months settle between 16°C and 21°C (60°F to 70°F) and winter months move between 4°C and 10°C (40°F to 50°F).

Spring is, for the most part, the driest time of year, except in the eastern part of the country. Otherwise, precipitation is at its heaviest in winter and autumn. Snow is not a common occurrence, but some parts of the country may experience frost.

Weather in Ireland is certainly no drawcard, but the little rainbows that follow short spurts of rainfall and the relatively mild temperatures also don't make it the most miserable of destinations.

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