Utilities in Dublin


The first thing expats should know about utilities in Ireland is that there’s no such thing. Gas, water, electricity and refuse services are referred to as “the bills”, and an expat will be met with blank stares if they make any mention of “utilities”.

Electricity in Dublin

Electricity Meter for utilities in DublinThe Electricity Supply Board remains the main electricity provider in Ireland. However, there is growing competition from other companies such as Bord Gáis Energy and Electric Ireland. 

Standard voltage in Ireland is 230V AC, and the cost of electricity is relatively high. Costs are based on the number of units used, but the time of use can make a big difference to the final bill, with usage during off-peak hours costing less than usage during peak hours.

Gas in Dublin

Gas is commonly used for cooking and heating in Ireland. Gas is provided via an underground pipe network, which is managed by Gas Networks Ireland. Despite the fact that only one company manages the network, consumers can choose their own gas provider. Most electricity providers can also provide gas.

Water in Dublin

Paying for water in Ireland has been a sensitive issue for some time, due to the fact that up until recently, residential water services were free of charge. Today the water services are managed by Irish Water, but the situation has been in flux, with charges for water services suspended in early 2016. Charges are scheduled to be resumed in 2017. 

Waste removal in Dublin

Charges for waste removal vary greatly from area to area. Most houses or apartment buildings operate with a system of coloured bins for the purpose of separating recyclables from other rubbish. It is also possible to visit recycling depots and landfills to dispose of rubbish if one prefers not to pay for garbage disposal, but this can be a great inconvenience and is generally not worth it.

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