Shipping and Removals in Dublin

Shipping and Removals to Dublin
Shipping and removals to Dublin are relatively simple because it's Ireland's largest port city. Expats can hire shipping companies from almost anywhere in the world to deliver to Dublin.

Expats should be careful what they bring to Dublin, however, as accommodation is often smaller than what they may be used to in their home country. That being said, a common complaint about rented accommodation in Dublin is the outdated décor, and expats may want to weigh the pros and cons of shipping their own household goods and buying new furniture in Dublin. Purchasing in the city can often be cheaper than packaging, sending and insuring.

Expensive shipped items should be insured. Air-freight is a good option for smaller cargo, although there are weight limits.

Shipping from America can take several weeks and of course depends on which coast the items are being shipped from. Shipping from mainland Europe will only take a few days, and expats can also consider driving their household goods over themselves.

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