Services (garden, handymen, electricians, plumbing, pool services, security) in Dublin


Plumbers in Ireland used to be as hard to get hold of as a day of sunshine, but now that the construction boom has slowed considerably, any problem the pipes are having can be patched up in more of a jiffy than before. That isn't to say waiting is over; just that it will get done this month instead of this year.

Many professional workers have been laid off from the big construction sites and are working independently. This means lots of Dublin handyman-type adverts. It's usually a safe bet to go with someone like this, but do check that they've carried out similar work before.


With more service people chasing the same number of clients, and with many of those clients suffering from shrinking pockets, the outlook is good for an expat looking to save a few euro on bills.

Expats will notice adverts for both handymen and tradesmen. A tradesman is someone qualified in a particular area – carpentry or bricklaying for example. A handyman could be a jack of all trades, or he could be a tradesman who is branching out, inspired by the recession to take up some other skills.

Though pools are a faux pas in the Celtic Tiger, gardens can often demand some upkeep. There are plenty of bush-whackers and landscaping professionals roaming the city, so consider personal needs and choose accordingly.

Booking services

It's getting easier to tie service providers down to specific time slots, but most people will still experience rescheduling or large windows of time that chain people to the house. Some services, like the companies installing TV connections, can happily inform customers they will come by between 9am and 4pm, expecting the homeowner to sit in and wait for them.

Take note of times and get the name of the person dealing with the request; names are the magic key for getting through when tempers are running short.

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