Primary schools in Dublin


primary school in IrelandIrish children usually attend primary school from the age of 5 to 12. Children spend the initial two years of primary school in infant classes. This is the equivalent of 
pre-school or kindergarten.

After the first two years, primary school becomes compulsory. For the next six years of primary school, each year of school numbered upwards, from Class One to Class Six.

Education in public Irish primary schools is free.

Class sizes in Irish primary schools​

The class size of primary schools in Ireland is one area of concern to many parents. It has been reported that a quarter of classes in Ireland have more than the legal 30 students, often making for overcrowded learning environments.

This is in spite of an influx of new teachers over the last few years and is directly related to funding shortages in the education sector. Parents get around this by finding smaller local schools or specialised schools that focus on a particular core subject area.

Subjects in Irish primary schools​

The primary education is a general one with all subjects covered during the week by a generalist teacher. The main subjects are English, Irish, maths, history, geography and science. Most schools will also have subjects for art, drama and music as well as some variation of social sciences and physical education.

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