Kids and Family in Dublin


Expats who move to the city with their families will be pleased to know that there are plenty of fabulous attractions and activities for kids in Dublin, not to mention ample choices for the best schools and education.

Expats who move to Dublin with children may find that it eases the process of meeting locals, either while exploring the city's kid-friendly attractions or by connecting with other parents through school or a playgroup.

Education and schools for kids in Dublin

There are plenty of options when it comes to schooling in Dublin. Since Ireland is a majority English-speaking country, expat children can easily attend public schools without having to overcome a language barrier. In addition, Irish public schools are free to attend.

For parents who would prefer continuity in their children's education, there is a good chance that they will be able to find an international school in Dublin that offers the curriculum of their home country.

Activities for kids in Dublin

When it’s not raining, pack a picnic and head down to Phoenix Park or St Stephen's Green, or take the kids to the Dublin Zoo to meet their favourite animals.

Otherwise, spend the day making waves at the Viking Splash Tour, let them pet the animals at Airfield House & Farm, watch a performance at the Lambert Puppet Theatre, learn about the wonderful world at Imaginosity or visit the Fry Model Railway.

Playgroups in Dublin

Playgroups can be a great way for parents and children alike to make some new friends in Dublin. There are loads of playgroups to choose from, so it should be easy for expats to find one in their own neighbourhood.

When looking for local playgroups, schools in the area may be able to offer some recommendations – otherwise, there are plenty of directories online that list Dublin's playgroups.

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