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Expats moving to Athens will find themselves in the historical capital of Europe. A city with a rich history dating back thousands of years, Athens is considered one of the most important cities in the foundation of Western civilisation. The Parthenon, which watches over Athens from the Acropolis, still stands as a reminder of this history and places modern Athens in contrast with the empire of old.

Athens is the capital city of Greece with a population making up nearly half of the entire country. The city is located in the middle of the Greek mainland between continental Greece to the north and the Peloponnese region to the south. This makes it ideally situated for moving around the rest of Greece - from here, most other places in Greece can be accessed by train, plane, boat or bus.

The city centre in Athens is vibrant and busy and is where most businesses and government organisations are based; there is a good chance that expats moving to Athens will end up working in this area of the city. 

One of Athens's advantages is that there is a vast array of things to see and do. Athens is home to ancient and modern attractions, offering a variety of sightseeing options and weekend getaways within easy reach. Athens also has myriad shopping avenues, ranging from flea markets to luxurious boutiques, which are bound to satisfy shoppers of all ilks. Additionally, restaurants in Athens are more than places to grab a bite before going to the bar, theatre or cinema - whether in a local taverna or one of the city’s most elegant restaurants, Greeks take their time over food, which helps to make almost every moment an occasion.

Moreover, Athens is home to a relatively modern and constantly improving transport system. New infrastructure, including roads, bridges, a brand new rail network, the Athens Metro, the suburban railway and the Athens tram have all contributed to reducing transportation problems in Athens. For the most part, they are clean, fast and air-conditioned.

For expats moving to Athens with children, in addition to the standard Greek public schooling, there is a wide range of private schools in various languages (including English, French and German), which are spread out across Athens. Moreover, expats who choose to move to Athens will find themselves in a lively urban environment where residents are extremely proud of the place in which they live. The city offers a good balance between city and suburban life, and, in the space of an hour's drive, expats can find themselves surrounded by a completely new environment. Athens is a splendid destination for expats looking for a busy, diverse and ever-expanding place to call home.  

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