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Gibraltar may be located on the very southern tip of Spain, but it’s actually part of Britain. The tiny British Overseas Territory on the Iberian Peninsula measure less than 2.6 square miles (about 6,8 square kilometres) and has a population of just over 32,000. 

Gibraltar is perhaps most famous for the towering limestone rock overlooking the strait of Gibraltar that separates Europe and North Africa. Its strategic position has made it the site of many battles over the centuries.

Gibraltar is a British colony with a local government, headed by a chief and several supporting ministers. The British Crown is represented by a governor. 

At first glance, Gibraltar may not stand out as an expat destination, but it has long held a reputation as an international banking centre, especially when it comes to offshore banking. While some expats are attracted by lucrative positions within the financial industry, others come here to spend their twilight years on the Mediterranean coast. It’s especially popular among British retirees.

Despite this, its culture is largely influenced by its Spanish neighbours rather than its British rulers, which means that new arrivals might experience some level of culture shock after moving to Gibraltar. That said, the official language is English, with most locals being fluent in Spanish too. 

Britain’s influence is also strongly reflected in the local healthcare and education systems, both of which are modelled on their English counterparts. This means expats can generally expat high standards in the hospitals and schools of Gibraltar.

With around 300 sunshine days, the lifestyle on "The Rock", as it's affectionately known, is excellent. As well as plenty of outdoors activities and other sporting facilities, the cities and resorts of Spanish Andalucia are just a hop across the border.

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