Weather in Germany

Expats living in Germany will find the climate to be strikingly inconsistent when compared to the German stereotype for regularity and order.

Weather in Germany changes frequently from day to day and even seasonal patterns vary from year to year. The northwest region of the country is generally weather in germanythe coldest, with temperature increasing eastwards and southwards.

On the whole, summers tend to be warm across Germany and winters cold; extremes aren't common, but severe winters can sweep through the nation every now and then.

The yearly mean temperature is 9°C (48°F).

Springs can be slow to take shape and Indian summers reaching into October can make an appearance ever so often.

Rainfall is mostly found during summer months, and expats who get enjoy the drama of a thunderstorm will most likely find a few to watch from the window.
Expats will find that the best way to prepare for weather in Germany is make a habit of checking local stations on a daily basis before leaving the house.

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