Working in Fiji

working in fijiMost foreigners living in Fiji don’t move to the island nation for career opportunities, but rather to retire. While more and more expats are beginning to see the potential that lies in the Fijian economy and using the opportunity to invest and set up their own businesses, it remains difficult for most expats to acquire the necessary work permit to take up employment in Fiji.

Job market in Fiji

While Fiji is a developing country, it is one of the most developed Pacific island economies. Fiji is rich with forest, mineral and fish resources. Natural resources include timber, fish, gold, copper, offshore oil, and hydropower. It has a large agricultural sector with around 70 percent of the workforce employed in this area. However, the fact is most agriculture in Fiji is subsistence farming and only a small proportion of produce is exported or sold for profit. Coconut, ginger, and sugar are the main cash crops in Fiji.

Naturally, as Fiji is a popular tourist destination, tourism and hospitality are growing industries and employ large numbers of people. Many expats are capitalising on the growth in tourism to set up guest houses, restaurants and other businesses targeted at holidaymakers.

Finding a job in Fiji 

It is very difficult to find a job from within the country, therefore expats should start the process as soon as possible prior to relocating. Recruitment agencies can help with the search, otherwise there are online job portals that advertise the various opportunities available.  

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