Visas for Fiji

Visas in Fiji
Foreigners who want to go to the island country for travel or with more long term plans must ensure that their paperwork is in order and that they have the correct visa or work permit for Fiji. 
Expats must find out which permit is right for their situation and apply accordingly, as it's very difficult to change between visas after arriving in Fiji. In most cases, expats who want to change the type of visa they are holding will have to apply from outside the country. 
Apart from tourist visas which are available at the border for some nationalities, most visas for Fiji should be applied for well in advance. 

Tourist visas for Fiji

Nationals of countries including Australia, Canada, South Africa, the UK, the USA and the Schengen countries, are exempt from needing a tourist visa for Fiji. These visitors are issued a visa upon arrival and will only need an onward ticket and a passport that's valid for at least six months from the date they intend to leave the island.

Tourist visas are valid for up to four months on arrival. Extensions can be granted after completing the relevant application forms and paying the necessary fees. Tourist visas can only be extended for a further two months and must be applied for before the initial visa expires.  
Citizens of other countries should apply for their visa through the Fijian embassy or consulate in their home country at least 21 days before they intend on arriving in Fiji. 

Business visas for Fiji

Business visas for Fiji are granted to foreigners who are entering the country to take part in short-term business activities.

Visitors should apply for a business visa at least a month before they arrive in Fiji. Visas are generally granted for up to three months but can be extended for another three months. Visa extensions have to be applied for a month before the initial visa expires. 

Work permits for Fiji

The Fijian Department of Immigration grants work permits for Fiji on a case by case basis. 
Work permits are generally granted to applicants who want to start a business in Fiji and invest in the local economy, and expats taking up a position that cannot be adequately filled by a Fijian citizen. 
Expats who arrive in Fiji on a tourist visa cannot apply for a work permit and will have to apply for their permit before they arrive.

Residence permits for Fiji

Residence permits for Fiji are granted to expats who want to settle down in the country but don't intend to work or set up a business. Most expats who fall into this category are retirees. 

Expats must meet certain criteria to be eligible for a Fijian residence permit:

  • The principal applicant must be at least 60 years old

  • Applicants and their dependents must have health insurance

  • The principal must have purchased a property in Fiji or have a certain amount in their bank account.

  • Expats will need to deposit money into a Fijian bank account every year. The amount depends on the size of their family.

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