Essential Info for Denmark

Population: About 5.7 million
Capital city: Copenhagen

Neighbouring countries: Most of the country is bordered by the North Sea. Denmark's only land border is Germany in the south.

Geography: Denmark is made up of a large land mass surrounded by nearly 500 islands.The geography of Denmark is primarily made up of flat plains and sandy coastline.
Political system: Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
Major religions: Christianity
Main languages: Official language is Danish. Minority languages recognised in Denmark are German, Faroese and Greenlandic.
Money: The Danish krone (DKK) is divided into 100 øre. Expats will need their passport and Danish identification number to open a bank account. ATMs are widely available.

Tipping: By law, all service charges (including gratuity) should be included in the bill, but additional tips can be given for good service.
Time: GMT+2 (+1 from the last Sunday in March to the last Sunday in October)
Electricity: 230V, 50Hz. Plugs have two round pins and a grounding pin.
Internet domain: .dk
International dialling code: +45
Emergency contacts: 112
Transport and driving: Cars drive on the right-hand side of the road. Denmark is well-served by public transport systems including trains, buses and ferries.

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