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As the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic, Prague “The City of a Hundred Spires” offers a historically-rich setting against an incredible background, making it a popular destination for expats. The land-locked capital is known for its mesmerising beauty and cultural offerings.

Home to approximately 1.3 million inhabitants, of which roughly 30% are foreigners – the majority being Ukrainian, Slovakian and Russian – the city is a blend of old and modern, reflected in the architecture, the culture and the distinctive Bohemian flair present in Prague.

Prague serves as the headquarters for many international companies, with the service industry playing a vital role in the economy. The most common sectors for expats to work in include financial services, commercial, trade and hospitality. Salaries are competitive, and Prague boasts one of the lowest unemployment rates in Europe.

Prague’s relatively low cost of living is an attractive advantage for expats, as is the free healthcare system in place and the high standard of schooling the capital has to offer. The transport system in Prague is well developed, and expats will have no problem getting around the city. Situated in the centre of Europe, expats looking to venture out can easily travel to neighbouring countries like Germany and Austria from Prague.

Often referred to as the ‘culture centre of Europe’, the city has many famous attractions that outlasted the violence and destruction of the past to be recognised as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Additionally, Prague is home to numerous theatres, galleries and cinemas. Beer-lovers will be spoilt for choice in Prague, as the act of beer drinking is taken very seriously, and the social scene is lively. Accommodation is varied in Prague, and expats will have sundry options to suit their needs, lifestyle and budget.

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