Weather in Cyprus

Summertime in Cyprus
The climate in Cyprus is perfect for sun-worshippers and those looking to live out their twilight years in warm weather.
The island enjoys typically Mediterranean weather patterns complemented by consistently sunny days. In fact, on average, the sun smiles down on Cyprus for roughly 236 days in the year.
From mid-May to mid-September it's summertime in Cyprus. The climate is hot and dry, and only occasionally punctuated by sporadic showers. Cloudless skies are the order of the day and, in Nicosia, average minimum and maximum temperatures range from 72°F (22°C) to 91°F (33°C).
November to mid-March is winter in Cyprus, when it receives nearly 60 percent of its annual rainfall. Temperatures are mild, and the short season is wedged between brief periods of autumn and spring. Though Nicosia's average minimum 41°F 5°C and maximum 59°F (15°C) temperatures are considerably lower than their summer counterparts, it is often still warm enough for expats to take a leisurely lunch on the patio.
Many expats find that the period between September and October is their favourite time of year; a second spring of sorts, marked by pleasant temperatures and little rainfall.

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