Restaurants in Guangzhou


Cantonese food representing restaurants in GuangzhouGuangzhou is said to be the city with the most restaurants in China. Expats in the Cantonese region’s largest urban area have access to culinary options from all over the world.
Its finest food emphasises organic flavours and subtle seasonings, and is characterised by rich tastes, strong fragrances and vibrant colours. Cantonese pastries and dim sum are especially popular, although expats should be sure about what they are eating, as they may come across many exotic ingredients they're not familiar with.
The teahouses in Guangzhou are a part of its social fabric. Locals drink tea to cope with the summer heat, and to soothe sore throats in winter. The city’s teahouses tend to fill up early and are a part of many people’s daily routines.
Restaurants in Guangzhou cater to many different tastes. This includes traditional Chinese cuisine, American diners, jazz cafés, Vietnamese restaurants, seafood specialists and steakhouses.  

Popular restaurants in Guangzhou


Ebony at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel
Address: 389 Tianhe Road, Tianhe District 
A grill restaurant that uses fresh, locally sourced produce, Ebony’s chefs prepare its signature meat, seafood and vegetable dishes in full view of patrons, turning the dining experience into a performance. Guests can also dine al fresco in a lush, relaxed garden atmosphere.

Address: BaiYun Hotel, 367 HuangShi Dong Lu
Specialising in exotic Turkish cuisine, Sultan is popular with both locals and expats alike. The restaurant offers delicious Middle Eastern food in a relaxed, yet elegant setting.

Guangzhou Restaurant
Address: 2 Wenchang South Road
A traditional Chinese restaurant that offers reasonably priced and tasty food. The dim sum is particularly popular. There is no English menu, so expats may need a bit of assistance ordering their food if unable to speak the language

Panxi Restaurant

Address: 151 Longjin W Rd, Liwan
A large garden-style restaurant situated at the Lihu lakeside. Reportedly one of the largest garden restaurants in China, the Panxi Jiu Jia has been open for more than 50 years. The restaurant specialises in traditional Cantonese food and offers a variety of other Chinese dishes, as well as examples of Asian and Pacific cooking.

Tiger Prawn
Address: 548 Hui Fu Dong Lu
A very popular Vietnamese restaurant specialising in seafood, Tiger Prawn can become very crowded, so diners should arrive as early as possible to join the queue.

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