Frequently Asked Questions about Guangzhou

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Is Guangzhou safe? Frequently asked questions about Guangzhou

Guangzhou is generally safe. As in most large cities, certain parts of the city centre are more prone to crime. Expats should be extra careful around the train station district at night, and should be especially wary of pickpocketing.

What language is spoken in Guangzhou?

Mandarin is the official language, but most local people speak Cantonese (Guangzhou was once called Canton City). Both languages use the same characters for reading and writing. English isn't as commonly spoken as in China's other large cities, but many professionals who deal with expats will have some English ability.

Will I need a car in Guangzhou?

Taxis are fairly easy to catch and are relatively cheap. Public transport does cover the whole city, but can be inefficient and uncomfortably crowded. Expats living out of the city centre may need their own transportation.

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