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There’s no one-size-fits-all rule for settling into expat life in a new country, but here are a few personal stories and informative articles about Canada that may help make your move to the Great White North a little easier.

Canada's weather – what it's really like?

It’s supposed to be a British characteristic but as Aisha Ashraf, a UK expat living in Canada, points out, an obsession with the weather is something Brits and Canadians have in common. Read her tips about adjusting to the weather in Canada.

Renting versus buying a home in Canada

Toronto realtor Jamie Sarner shares some valuable points to help you determine if renting or buying property in Canada is best for you.

Moving to Canada – an immigration guide for expats

A brief immigration guide for individuals and families who wish to call Canada their new home

How to start a business in Canada

While all the Canadian provinces are actively looking to attract skilled workers from different categories, this article focuses on providing a panorama for entrepreneurs who want to immigrate to Canada. Michele Vincenti shares insights from his personal experience.

Important documents for Canadian residents

If you are a new expat living in Canada, there are several important documents that you must obtain to remain in the country legally. Find out what Canadian documents you need.

Food festivals in Toronto

Toronto’s multiculturalism means excellent food festivals have become part of the local heritage. For expats, the city's affinity for culinary celebration means that a taste of home is never too far away, and a chance to experience foreign flavour is just as close.

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