Weather in Australia

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Due to the country's vast size, the climate in Australia can vary from place to place, although expats living down under are unlikely to escape the heat.

The southern coast, which includes Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney, possesses the best climate by far, with mild winters and warm summers. Winters tend to be wet, although Australia has been known to experience sometimes severe droughts caused by insufficient rainfall.
The interior of the nation, often referred to as ‘the outback’, is dry and barren and experiences more extreme weather conditions than the coastal regions; during the day temperatures can soar to scorching only to drop at nighttime, sometimes to below freezing.
Meanwhile, northern Australia has a tropical climate, and heavy rainfall and even monsoons are known to descend between December and March. This is also the hottest time of year in northern Australia, making for uncomfortably humid conditions.
Above all else, when it comes to the weather in Australia, expats should respect the tenacity of the sunshine. Be sure to apply sunscreen with a respectable SPF factor when outside, and drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. 

Sydney Climate Chart

Melbourne C;imate Chart


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