Accommodation in Sydney

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Expats looking for accommodation in Sydney will find the search a fairly straightforward process with many good residential areas to choose from in, around and outside the city centre. For most expats, the final choice, however, will depend on budget, proximity to schools and location with regards to public transport.

Types of property in Sydney

Accommodation in Sydney is variedCity living can be an attractive option for students or young professionals who prefer to be near to the universities and the nightlife. Here most accommodation will be in the form of apartments (locally known as 'flats').

Meanwhile, freestanding houses are much more likely to be found in the outer suburbs of Sydney. These are popular with families, who enjoy the extra space that living in the suburbs affords them.

Finding property in Sydney 

New arrivals may wish to enlist the help of estate agents in their search for accommodation in Sydney. These professionals have good knowledge about the availability of properties in the area and will have access to properties which haven't even made it onto public listings yet.

However, it is certainly not a necessity to go through an estate agent, and listings of available properties can be found on numerous online property portals and in local newspapers.

Renting property in Sydney

Viewings for Sydney accommodation are usually at set times, and if the property is well-priced, expats should expect to be viewing with a dozen other people. Many properties are managed through an agent, and references will usually be required.

Rent for accommodation in Sydney is payable monthly and is typically payable at the end of each month to the real estate agent or landlord. Utility bills are usually not included in the rental price and are the responsibility of the tenant to pay.

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