Utilities in Perth

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Renewable energy is popular in Australia
Moving into a new home is stressful and, apart from the emotional strain and the packing and unpacking that come with the change, expats will need to organise all the logistics that allow for a happy home life. Setting up utilities in Perth is pretty straight-forward but, like most places, it’s a process.

Don’t leave connecting utilities to the last minute. There is nothing worse than spending the first few nights in a new home without water and lighting. Also, bear in mind that bills need to be transferred from the old owner's name to the current occupants. The easiest way to do this is to speak to the real estate agent or landlord, who will have the details on hand.

Lastly, expats should be aware that Perth suffers from chronic water shortages, and that the cost of electricity has risen drastically in the last few years. 

Electricity and gas in Perth

The increase in electricity prices means that those living in Perth would do well to go out of their way to save energy. Although the increase places extra financial strain on consumers, the government says that the extra revenue is needed to facilitate urgent upgrades to the power network.

One potential way to bring one's energy bills down is to use solar power. The Renewable Energy Buyback Scheme (REBS) is a governmental program intended to increase the use of green energy. The scheme offers financial incentives to those who use solar power to generate electricity or heat water.
When it comes to gas, there is little variation in price between various suppliers. The price of gas is largely set by the government and there is a legal cap on how much gas companies are allowed to charge.

In the case of both electricity and gas, new arrivals should be able to take over an already existing account or swap an account online without an interruption to the service.

Water in Perth

The state government supplies water in Western Australia, so arranging for a new connection is unnecessary.

Do note that Perth suffers from severe water shortages and that certain restrictions are in place. New arrivals to Perth should ensure they are familiar with these restrictions and should abide by them at all times.

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