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In the gold-rush era of the 1850s, Melbourne was one of the British Empire's wealthiest cities worldwide. While these mineral riches may have lost status as the key driver for the present day economy, Melbourne still glitters, and it embraces a history of welcoming migrant workers from around the world. 

Melbourne has an exceptionally multicultural workplace; it’s a location where any expat employee might find themselves working in a team with colleagues from all over the world. 

Job market in Melbourne

In recent years, there has been a rise in demand for workers in several of Melbourne's thriving industries. Top of the list are the construction and defence industries. Science and technology workers are also in demand, as are those in the industries of advertising, arts and media.

Although most of Australia has seen a decline in the mining industry, Melbourne's mining sector is still in good shape and may have opportunities available for expats in the industry.

Many opportunities also exist in regional Victoria for those expats willing to live in the smaller towns and cities that have a more urgent demand for skilled employees.

Finding a job in Melbourne

Common places to find jobs in Melbourne include online job portals and local newspapers. It's also worthwhile to visit the websites of individual companies to check if there are any vacancies listed. Recruitment agencies can also be helpful in finding work.

Work culture in Melbourne

Energy, capability and a positive attitude are the key personal qualities that will endear an expat to their new work colleagues in Melbourne, far more so than impressive qualifications or assumed status. Australian workplace culture reflects the relaxed informality of everyday Australian life. There is no standing on ceremony, and relations between management and staff are informal although still business-like. 

Expats who are used to working in formal environments, like in Asia or the Middle East, may take some time to adjust.

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