Renting property in Melbourne

Expats will likely rent property in Melbourne initially, an option that provides the kind of flexibility and choice that’s ideal at the beginning of a big move. Though, potential expat renters should note that the market in Melbourne is very competitive, and it’s necessary to prepare accordingly and to keep looking; if one puts those key points into practice one will surely be able to find a suitable house.

Property market in Melbourne​

In Melbourne there are lots of different types of houses available for rent, Victorian terraces, “shoebox” flats as well as spacious lofts in modern high-rise buildings (these complexes are being built fast and furiously). Furthermore, there is a variety of suburbs, each with its own unique personality. The tram and train system makes the city very accessible.
When first starting to look around, pricing may be a bit of a shock; rental rates are high and getting higher in Melbourne.
Showings are usually held on the weekends in fifteen-minute intervals. It's important to be on time for showings. Since it is such a competitive market, expect to be looking at properties with a large group of people. If interested in a property, it is advised that one moves fast as properties can go quickly.

Signing a lease in Melbourne​

The lease process is straightforward. The landlord or rental agent will ask for the usual details: name, current address and employer information. The lease must then be signed by both tenant and landlord and a deposit will be required, along with the first month's rent in advance.

It is best to put any maintenance requests in writing, via email. That way, if there is at any point a dispute regarding the request, there will be a record to refer back to.

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