Working in Adelaide

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Adelaide is generally a great place to work and is an ideal location for families and those seeking a balance between lifestyle and career. Salaries are generally lower, but then so is the cost of living. The pace of work life is certainly more laid-back and less aggressive in comparison to other big Australian cities.

Job market in Adelaide

Several very large business sectors have a significant presence in the city, most notably Australia's defence industry.

Other major industries in the city include the healthcare, social assistance, retail, manufacturing and production sectors.

Unfortunately, the large established industries aren't enough to keep Adelaide at the forefront of Australia's economy and the city has a relatively high unemployment rate and lower wages as compared to other major cities. The South Australian government is eager to attract expats to jobs left open by locals leaving to larger cities in search of better pay and more job opportunities.
In some ways, this is no different to many other small cities, but it does emphasise just how insular the employment market in Adelaide can be.

Finding a job in Adelaide

Expats who are interested in working Adelaide can consult the classifieds for job opportunities, and utilise online options. Alternatively, going through an agency can help expats to secure a job. In order to work in Adelaide, expats will need the appropriate visa in order to legally pursue a job opportunity.

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