Education and Schools in Adelaide

There are many good schools located in AdelaideExpats moving to Adelaide can take comfort in the fact that there are plenty of high-quality public and private schools in the city.

Those who want their child to study at an international school in Adelaide should be aware their choices will be limited. Furthermore, it will be important to start the application process as far ahead of time as possible.

Public schools in Adelaide

Students attend public schools within their designated school zone, which is determined by residential address. It can be difficult to change public schools without physically moving.

The structure of public schools in South Australia differs slightly from the rest of the country. Prior to primary school, children who turn five begin two years of reception, akin to pre-school, followed by Year 1 at age eight and Year 2 at age nine. They only begin primary school in Year 3, at age 10. Children between the ages of six and sixteen are legally required to attend school.

Private schools in Adelaide

Private schools in Adelaide appeal to those interested in religious instruction, alternative teaching learning styles and to international students who are not permanent residents of Australia. There are scores of private schools to choose from with a very wide range of tuition fees.

International schools in Adelaide

Unlike in the larger Australian cities such as Melbourne and Sydney that have a number of international schools offering expat students the option of continuing to study the curriculum of their home country, international options in Adelaide are limited. There is just a handful of international schools in the city, most of which offer the International Baccalaureate.

As demand for places at these schools is high, expat parents need to make their applications as soon as possible. Most international schools in Adelaide have long waiting lists. Fees at these schools tend to be high and parents will also need to budget for additional expenses such as uniforms, school trips, extra-curricular activities and textbooks. 

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