Accommodation in Adelaide

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Accommodation in Adelaide is varied
Expats will find that accommodation in Adelaide is much cheaper than in Sydney or Melbourne.
As in most cities, though, rental and purchasing prices alike are more expensive close to the city centre with lower prices to be found in the outer suburbs.

Types of accommodation in Adelaide

Adelaide is a city placed under the hills and most of the houses are in low one- or two-story buildings; only directly around the city centre does one find taller apartment buildings.

Expats moving to Adelaide should expect housing that’s modest but pleasant. However, a large portion of accommodation available is old. Therefore a lot of owners renovate their property, thus increasing its market value.

Winter weather with cold winds may be chilly and tenants will require heating during these months. Summer brings along some very hot days, emphasising the importance of air-conditioning in the premises.

Finding accommodation in Adelaide

Web pages can be a great resource for finding suitable accommodation in Adelaide. That being said, expats should be aware that there may be suspicious behaviour going on in the wings. Before closing contract and providing any advance payment ensure that the second party has rights to sell or rent the property. If buying a property, it is always the safest to contact professional real estate agents. Estate agents can also be immensely helpful when looking for a place to rent.

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